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My daughter giving me a blowjob as her mother sleeps next to me. I want to let her know I’m awake but am really enjoying this her unaware I am

My mind wanders. It is thinking Fuck this is your daughter giving you head. She is looking for more with you. Fuck she let you stick your knob in her. You see her naked body every day. She sees your cock every day. She wants her daddy’s attention. Sexually.

Is this a pass for you, she must want you to play with her more. Her breasts. Her breasts you have touched while playing. Her pussy. Her pussy you have almost fully penetrated. Shes a virgin. Does she want you making her a woman.

They thoughts racing through your head. I slid my hand to her head. She jumps.

” Don’t stop baby. ” I say

My hand on her head feeling it move up and down my cock. Her sweet wet juicy lips over my cock. Her tongue licking it. I play with her hair moving my fingers through it playing with it.

She fondles my balls as she licks and sucks. I feel my load building up

” Going to cum. ” I whisper careful not to wake my wife up. Her lips lock on to my cock. Her teeth against my knob she sucks. I moan. Soon I feel it.

” Fuck Chloe. ” I say holding her head warning her. ” I need to cum. ”

She moans nodding her head. Fuck I think she wants it. She wants my fuckin cum.

I relax and let go. I explode in my daughters mouth. She stops. She swallows my seed. She licks my cock clean sucking it and cleaning it with her tongue.

She kisses it and lies back next to me. She kisses my cheek.

” Your welcome, don’t tell mum. ” She says and rolls over onto her side her back to me. My limp cock between my legs. My cum in my daughters mouth.

I lie there between the two girls. My mind on fire of whats to come with my daughter. The thought of doing more. If my wife found out. I mean yes we are nudists but I haven’t really discussed boundaries with her.

I look over at her her back to me her long blonde hair on the pillow. Her beautiful naked back. The sheet draped falling over her hips. I look over at my wife. Shes asleep unaware of what just happened.

I roll over to my daughter behind her. I’m glad XXNXX has her period or we might end up having sex tonight. She feels me behind her
She presses her body against me. I put my hand on her side. She lifts her head as I slid my arm under her head. She rests down and I smell her hair, I smell her bodywash as she grabs my hand sliding it off her hip up her body to her breasts.

I lie there my hand on her breast feeling the soft skin on her bust. She holds my hand. I softly squeeze her breast feeling her erect nipples.

I’m the first man to see her breasts let alone touch them. I’ve seen my daughter naked all her life. I’ve seen her breasts in all stages of development. Here they are two beautiful c cups in my hands. She lets me rub them and play with them. I squeeze and fondle them rubbing them. Playing with her nipples.

” Oh yes daddy. ” She whispers she pulls her hair off her neck and exposes her ear. ” Kiss my neck. ” She says.

I softy kiss her neck. Tasting her skin.

My dad is playing with me.

I lie there against him. His warm body against mine. I feel his heartbeat. I have just sucked his cock let him cum in my mouth. Since we washed our cars. Dads cock been almost in me. I have felt closer to dad. Do I want to fuck him. I don’t know. I love making him cum. I love him touching me this way.